Latur Bar Association
We are welcoming you at the Latur Bar Association [ Reg.No.E-124 Latur ]
The latur is having historical importance. Latur was a small Peth and its Taluka was Ausa and District place was Naldurg by the passing of time seventh Nizam Mir Osman Malik formed District Territory by name Dharashiv (Osmanabad) in 1915 and at the same time Latur became Taluka place. Initially the Latur was under Rule of Moghal Emperor Nizam. In the year 1981 the Munsif Court was established at Latur and it was functioning near Papvinash in the old Latur.

In the year 1927 at about 1338 Fasali. The construction of the new building was carried out in the premises of present district court. In the year 1959 Assistant District and Session Court is established at Latur thereafter the judicial work at Latur was increasing day by day. In those days the renowned judges worked at Latur some of them were Hon’ble A.R.Khan, S.M.Daud, B.M.Safare, M.S.Vaidy, C.A.Phadkar, V.A.Kankanwadi, V.G.Nilgude, J.R.Limaye,B.M. More, V.P.Gadgil, V.D.Sangvi, R.M.Deshpande, S.T.Kharche, B.B.Vagyani, V.V.Joshi, M.G.Gaikwad and V.R.Kingaonkar.

Some of them like Hon’ble Mr.A.R.Khan, S.M.Daud, B.M.Sapre, M.S.vaidy, S.T.Kharche, B.B.Vgyani, V.V.Joshi, M.B.Gaikwad and V.R.Kingaonkar were elevated and became Hon’ble High Court Justice of Bombay High Court.

Recently Hon’ble T.V.Nalwade is also elevated as High Court Justice of Bombay High Court whose first posting in judicially was at Latur. We are proud of those personalities.

Thereafter in the year 1982 on 11/12/1982 the District and Session Court is established at Latur after the formation of separate district on 15/08/1982. During the tenure of Hon’ble District Judge V.D.Sangai, the construction of new building is completed and district court is shifted in the new building. This building is a model building of District Court in the Maharashtra. Thereafter another extension of District Court building is completed in 2007.

Hon’ble Ex. Chief Minister, Maharashtra and Central Rural Development Minister, Late Sri.Vilasraoji Deshmukh and hon’ble Ex.Home Minister of Government of India and Governor of Punjab and Haryana State Shri.Shivraj Patil are the Life Member of our association. Late Adv.Shri.Keshavraoji Sonwane who was co-operative Minister of Maharashtra State and Late Shri. Adv.T.S. Shrangare(Baba) who was Minister in Center for Information and Broad Casting and Late Shri.Adv.B.V.Kale were also the Members of our association, we are always proud of them.

Our association also proud of our senior members Adv.Damodarji Joshi, Adv.V.R.Bokil, Adv.Bharatlalji Bajpai, Adv.P.G.Andurkar, Adv.K.V.Salunke, Adv.Naimoddin Saheb, Adv.Rangnathraoji Deshpande, Adv.B.V.Deshmukh, Adv.B.S.Pande, Adv.S.B.Pandharikar, Adv.H.Deshpande, Adv.K.B.Patil, Adv.H.E.Mande, Adv.A.H.Darda, Adv.Muralidharrao Sasturkar, Adv.Chandrashekharji Bajpai and M.B.Deshpande, who were freedom fighters and member of our association.

The members of our association are working successfully in judicial service at various places in Maharashtra, we are also proud of all those members.